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Changing the world from the grassroots

We understands that most people have an innate desire to make a difference in the world to do something that will impact people’s lives. This vision is also at the core of Nyarweng Foundation of South Sudan, Inc.

We want to improve the lives of men, women, and children throughout the Jonglei State, South Sudan, but we can do it only with your support. Affecting change on a global scale takes a movement of people, hundreds of thousands strong, who share the same goal. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this movement?


We are feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, educating the illiterate, providing health care to the sick, protecting the innocent, and creating livelihoods for the destitute. We are giving hope to the hopeless. We are changing the world. Won’t you join us?


Local farming is the solution



This how they cultivate for food,



This tractor increases efficiency and food security in the region


Promoting health and wellbeing of the vulnerable children, women, and men


Health is at the very core of much of the world’s poverty and suffering. Deadly diseases like AIDS and malaria are absolutely devastating in many areas, leaving parents without children, and many orphans who must fend for themselves. By launching health care programs, Nyarweng foundation of South Sudan strive to lowering the incidence of horrific diseases like these by teaching methods of prevention.


Clean water




 Duk County women collecting water from the water pump.


  South Sudan woman collecting drinking water from a stagnant and contaiminated water pond.


Poverty threatens the wellbeing of families; kill many war orphans, and widows.


In the now war-torn South Sudan, children are left without parents or a way to survive, and often end up on the street. Nyarweng foundation of South Sudan, Inc comprehensives steps includes are not limited to providing family with food, shelter, and cares. In the now war torn South Sudan, adults and children often are lacking the education and literacy they need to be successful.

 These women are practicing English Alphabetical letters in the dirt.

Our grass roots plan are to empower women and children and give those who missed schooling opportunities a chance for a new beginning through education.


Establishing livelihood


In the now war-torn South Sudan, people stuck in an apparently endless cycle of poverty, with no way to provide for their families, and no way to improve their situation. Those who do have jobs sometimes make less than $1 a day, barely enough to survive.

These hardworking individuals are desperate for a chance to better themselves. We understand that one of the best ways to boost people out of the cycle of poverty is by providing livelihoods. Through small farms, livestock, job training, and encouragement, Nyarweng Foundation of South Sudan is giving men and women the ability to support themselves and their families.


Over 98% of the populations of Southern Sudan live in extreme poverty; about 89% are illiterate and can’t find a job to support their families; about 70% of women and children are widows and orphans respectively. The Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan is committed to responding to every individual’s and family’s needs.

Charitable programs will be started soon after NFoS begins operations in the Nyarweng region, so that we can identify most urgent needs of the poorest citizens. We will hold meetings with community representatives, and once the needs have been identified, we will develop programs tailored for the specific community. Then NFoS board of directors will assign funds and leaders who will oversee the program and ensure its successful implementation.

We plan to conduct distributions of food, clothing, and other necessities. Some of the supplies will be collected in the USA and shipped to Southern Sudan; food and staples will be purchased in the country. We are currently starting to collect clothing and shoes (both for children and adults), baby supplies and English school books. Many items will be taken with us on site visits; when we have the necessary funds, we will ship large loads by container. In the Nyarweng areas of Jonglei, NFoS will buy and distribute throughout the communities:

  • Rice and other foodstuffs
  • Plastic bowls and cups, forks and spoons
  • Vitamins and medical supplies (aspirin, bandages, ointments, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene items.

The distributions will be made tentatively once every 3 months by NFoS members and local volunteers. We may eventually operate soup kitchens on a daily basis to provide a hot meal twice a day to the homeless and needy. Individuals will just need to show up at the location and provide basic information about them so we can follow up with them to monitor their further needs. However, it is unlikely that NFoS would give cash to individuals or make payments on their behalf.

When funds and human resources are available, we may establish shelters for the homeless or for abused women and children. These shelters will provide a transition place whereby they can be removed from domestic violence, learn new life skills and employable skills, such as sewing, carpentry, computer skills, etc.

Eventually NFoS may start providing sponsorships for those community members who wish to enhance their skills and capabilities necessary to seek employment and lead healthy and productive lives.

All services will be provided free of charge and will be supported through donations, grants from philanthropic organizations, and fundraisers.

The population base for Jonglei State is 1,200,000.  Approximately 98% of the State's population can be characterized as living below poverty level.  This represents 1,100,000 residents that are potentially in need of services from Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan Inc.

This group can be broken down into three segments:

  • Seniors (300,000)
  • Individual Adults (350,000)
  • Children (505,000)

Children represent 48% of the State residents in need of Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan inc. services. The program has identified children and their families as it primary target customers.  It is projected that the number of low-income children will increase in all elevens counties of Jonglei State, by 20% over the next four years.  By 2016, children will represent 52% of Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan's client base.  With effective intervention, the debilitation effects of hunger can be eliminated.  Consequently, the families will be better able to be successfully providing for its children.

Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan will serves the Jonglei area with a total population in excess of 1,200,000 people.

It is estimated that 98% of the Jonglei State's residents are chronically under poverty. Of the States 1,200,000 poverty stricken residents, 25% are seniors, 27% are individual adults, and 48% are children.  Family groupings represent over 90% of unemployed residents in Jonglei State. Less than 10% of these families has at least one family member working and are underpaid.  This is why children and their families are the focus of the program.

One of the most typical profiles of families interested in this type of program can be described by the following:

  • Most parents/guardians are unemployed.
  • The average family size is five, with three or four children.
  • Most families are in rural areas
  • Most families have cows as primary source of food
  • Most families live under $30 dollars a month worth of food




Donation goal

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Goal: $200,000.00
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